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Who We Are

Here at World Reacher's For Christ, it is our goal to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with every nation, Matthew 24:14. Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 9:37 "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few". With this in mind we here at World Reacher's For Christ Inc. endeavor to support missions all over the world and here at home in order to collect this harvest.


World Reacher's For Christ Inc.


World Reacher's For Christ

Make a Difference Today

World Reacher's For Christ is a not for profit organization, so we rely on donations from caring individuals like you. Your care will greatly assist us in getting the word to the world. We take your donations to this cause very serious and make great effort to use all we can toward it so that your seed is planted in fertile ground.



Michael Dumis


In January 2017 i went to Haiti to preach and do small medical clinics and my heart fell in love with the wonderful people I met. Later on, the Lord gave me direction to be the hand up they need. I am working with a small church in Grand Goave with the goal of building up the church and educating the children in the Word of God as well as what is needed to make future leaders to bring their country out of the situation it is in.

Childrens Education

I believe that educating the children and teaching them the Word and Power of God will equip them to become strong leaders will good moral ethics, which in turn can bring about change for the better in their country. The goal is to provide the resources necessary to give them this education.


Food Donation Drop-Off

For a lot of these people quality food and water is hard to come by. the towns have manual water pumps to get water from, but the water is unfiltered and creates stomach issues with so many. Because of this they don't drink it and are dehydrated. The long term goal would be to teach them to raise and grow their own food, but until then providing food and filtration systems is the plan.



For the people in Grand Goave having church can be difficult due to the fact that the church has no walls, and recently the roof has begun coming apart. While they are a tropical region, holes in the roof make it very hot when the sun is shining through, not to mention the rain with no walls. Rebuilding the church physically will provide a more comfortable place to meet.



The regions away from the capital rarely have clinics or even hospitals. mission clinics are sometimes the only medical or dental service they receive. Unfortunately because of COVID and civil unrest in the country it has been difficult to provide these services. When these things become less of a threat getting services to them would be a priority. While getting in to help is difficult at this time, we are still able to help buy supplies for the children and repair of the church. Donation ability for Haiti will be available soon. All donations for Haiti are designated to Haiti primarily. We thank you for your support and generous hearts.


Contact World Reacher's For Christ

P.O. Box 1297 Weatherford TX. 76086

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